March 31, 2021



Due to Covid, we are offering adults a two part season:

May to July  

August to November

This allows people to join right away in the spring or later in the summer. 


As we did last summer, we will offer modified safe and responsible programs. A waiver form will have to be completed with registration forms that are found on the Junior, Teens and Adult pages on this website.


2021 Season Plan


Dear Members,

2020 was a challenging year for all and COVID 19 severely disrupted our programs. We did get to play some tennis and learned a lot on how to conduct safe play meeting all of the protocols. 2021 has seen the pandemic continue and it looks that it will impact all our lives for the rest of this year.

We are planning to offer a full season of tennis which includes more programs than we have done in past years. This is to maximise distancing and to incorporate safety measures such as a 15-minute changeover period and no congregating at the courts. We would welcome everyone adopting these new measures and encourage you to start and finish on time for all tennis matches even if you haven’t completed the set.


We are trying to approach the season optimistically, but are doing this fully understanding that each member will want to set their own plan according to your level of comfort. We also feel that as more people get vaccinated the latter half of the year will be less concerning for some members. Based on this premise we have decided to split the 2021 season into two parts. A Spring Program and a Summer Program. We will also extend the season into November as this worked very well last year. Hopefully the weather works with us!

Fees will be charged separately for the Spring Program which is May to July and the Summer Program that covers August to November. The usual membership fee has been split so that the Spring portion is less. This initiative gives you the opportunity to miss the spring program if you feel it is too early for you to take a risk with COVID 19. Each member will have to “re-join” for the Summer program, but if you wish to pay for both programs when you register that is fine too.

Junior and Teen Registration will be just a one-time process. These programs are already split between Spring and Summer and the Membership fee is required for whatever program you chose. That membership also is necessary to sign up for Camps and these are planned subject to our ability to conduct them at that time.

Some things are still very much up in the air so we would appreciate your understanding that we may have to shift some dates or vary the programs we offer according to the prevailing Colour code, Government Guidelines and OTA protocols. In regards to fees we would like to avoid refunds and excessive administration as, let’s face it, we are really here for the tennis. As already stated, you may like to pay for just Spring or Summer on its own, but whatever you choose please be assured that we are not going to keep all your money if we have to cancel any of the specific programs offered.

The Registration Forms are all attached as is a waiver form. We will need individual waivers for each player including all juniors and teens. Please mail your forms back as we will are not able to have a Registration night or Open House this year.

We have been working hard in conjunction with the OTA and the Township to be able to offer the 2021 programs in the safest possible way. We hope that you do come out to play as tennis is considered to be one of the safest forms of outdoor exercise during the pandemic. New guidelines are being prepared by the OTA and we will get these to you prior to the season opening.

On behalf of your Executive,

Neil Wilson











Please stay tuned.


March 25, 2021

Dear Members

SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!! We are all itching to get outdoors and play tennis as the weather warms up.

Your Port Perry Tennis Executive team has been working diligently behind the scenes to ensure a great tennis season! Attached, please find detailed information in regard to the 2021 Season. Subject to COVID protocols we aim to provided additional hours for Tennis from May to November 2021.  We will send regular updates as the season approaches and hope you can join us on the courts in 2021:)

Port Perry Tennis Club